Burlap Backpacks for the Homeless

Homelessness has always been something that pulls at my heart.  It's hard for me to see a homeless person and not feel deep compassion and sympathy for them.  I believe each person living out on our streets has a story and has value.  And I want them all to know that there are people who care about them and that they are not forgotten.  While I cannot solve all the problems that cause and contribute to homelessness, I can offer care and support to those in need.  And you can too!  If you have also felt helpless in offering help to this community of people in need, now I can offer you a way to contribute to something that really does help our homeless friends feel seen, loved and cared for.
Through my shop, you can purchase a burlap backpack, filled with essentials to support homeless persons. 100% of the purchase price is used to create and fill the backpack with necessities. Backpacks will be given to charities I have partnered with for distribution to our local homeless population.  If you purchase a backpack for the homeless, a personalized note of encouragement will be included with the backpack to the recipient in your name.  In honor of your support, and with your permission, I will add your name to my Friends of the Homeless page on my website to recognize you and your compassion for this community.
Click HERE to purchase a Backpack for Homeless
Items Included in each backpack: 3 pair of socks and underwear, flashlight with extra batteries, toothbrush and toothbrush holder, full tube toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, 10 pack razors, shave cream, lotion, baby wipes, period cups for women, chapstick, cold medicine and cough drops, camper stove propane gas tank, bug spray, food gift card, full day bus pass, fruit, water and breakfast bar, .