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Beeswax Wraps - Multi Pack S/M - Multiple Patterns Available

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Beeswax Wraps - Multi Pack S/M

  • Sm - 8"x8" (qty. 1)
    Great for small snacks like carrots, crackers, cookies, apple slices, oranges and more.
  • Med - 11"x11" (qty. 1)
    Best for half-cut peppers, cheese, cut veggies and covering leftovers.
  • Handmade from 100% cotton
  • Compostable
  • Contains ethically sourced beeswax

Each wrap is handmade and individually cut and crafted. All-natural beeswax wraps are sustainable food storage intended to reduce the use of single-use plastic wraps and bags. DO NOT USE WITH RAW MEAT OR FISH.

    Directions for use:
    Use the warmth of your hands to activate the wrap and wrap around a piece of fruit, cheese, herbs, baked goods or to cover a bowl. Wraps hold their shape when they cool, creating a seal. Hand wash in cold soapy water. Air dry. Can last up to 1 year. Fully biodegradable and compostable.